So the process of what you call spiritual is not a psychological process.

Your memory has nothing to do with it. It’s a life process; it’s an existential process. This can only happen if you allow yourself to be just a piece of life that you are.

To do this, we do many things here and, you know, you might have seen people in the ashram walking around with those orange tags.

If you have seen the silence tags people are wearing just shut up.

Because shutting your mouth is only half the job; to become silent is possible only when you do not think much of yourself.

If you think something about yourself if you think ‘I am smart’ how can you shut up? you tell me If you think ‘I am smart’ how can you shut up?

If you realize that you are actually stupid, you don’t know anything in this existence then, isn’t it?

Then you can simply look at life with a great sense of wonder, without a thought appearing in your mind. If you think you are smart about everything, you got explanations and calculations and nonsense going on in your head.

If you see one thing, a thousand thoughts will go off, isn’t it?

You are not sitting here in this sathsang totally silent; you are agreeing with me, disagreeing with me, making comments within yourself, making comments about the clothes that somebody is wearing next to you, appreciating it, depreciating it, everything is happening.

Am I wrong?

Because the moment you think there is some value to what you think then you can’t stop it; no way to stop it.

It’ll just go on and on and on. When you see there is absolutely no life value to your thought process; it is just memory recycling itself, it is just the same old nonsense recycling itself but if you are excited, if you are enamored by this recycle, if you think it’s great you cannot stop it.

If you see the patterns of what it is if you see the stupidity of what it is, then slowly you will distance yourself and it’ll collapse because without attention it cannot go on.


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